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  • Flying COWs Provide Coverage in Emergency

    October 16, 2018—
    By Erum Mithani
    Late in September, we became the first company to provide commercial, drone-based connectivity in the continental United States for our customers and first responders after a major storm .  Our Flying COW (Cell on Wings) supported recovery efforts through the weekend in the Wilmington, North Carolina area. The Flying COW ... Continue »
  • Taoglas Launches High-Performance Antennas for FirstNet

    October 16, 2018— Taoglas has begun to market it Taoglas Response line of LTE antennas specifically designed for FirstNet applications, including the GuardianX , an 11-in-1 MIMO low-profile, adhesive-mount antenna, as well as the Synergy 9-in-1 MIMO screw-mount antenna, that deliver the best in FirstNet Band 14, LTE, Wi-Fi and satellite connectivity. Adoptions of ... Continue »
  • FCC Comm. Carr Climbs Broadcast Tower Site

    October 16, 2018— FCC Comm. Brendan Carr last week conducted a site visit to a KDLT TV broadcast tower located near Rowena, South Dakota. The visit was focused on providing an update on the progress of the broadcast repack transition and the Association’s broadcast contractors. During his site visit, Commissioner Carr, accompanied by experienced ... Continue »
  • Tower Techs, Carriers Aid in Hurricane Michael Recovery Effort

    October 16, 2018—
    By J. Sharpe Smith, Senior Editor
    The wireless industry is going about the slow, painstaking effort of putting back together the communications landscape amid the destruction left by Hurricane Michael. Progress has been made, with the percentage of cell sites out of service dropping from 18.8 percent to 5.2 percent, according to the FCC’s Disaster Information Reporting ... Continue »
  • Industry Veteran Townsend to Lead Diversification at WANRack

    October 16, 2018—
    By J. Sharpe Smith, Senior Editor
    George Townsend, who has 23 years of experience on the carrier and enterprise side of the telecom industry, has joined WANRack, a designer and builder of custom private fiber wide area networks (WANs) for K-12 schools with dedicated home-run fibers. His hiring is a sure sign that diversification is in ... Continue »
  • Prices for Towers Remain High for Lack of Volume

    October 15, 2018—
    By Don Bishop, Exec. Editor, Assoc. Publisher, AGL Magazine
    As a limited supply keeps tower prices high, the possible merger of Sprint and T-Mobile US offers hope for long-term benefits for the tower industry. How much a tower is worth to a private buyer depends on the quality of the asset and its potential for adding tenants or otherwise growing ... Continue »
  • Next Generation AI is Coming Your Way, Will Security Take a Detour?

    October 15, 2018—
    By Ernest Worthman, Executive Editor, AWT Magazine; Sr. Member, IEEE
    We are all aware that AI has been pervasively deployed in the generation of assistive technology from Amazon, Google and others. Until now they have been, relatively, low-tech and simple (including their lack of security). However, that is about to change. In anticipation of the upcoming holiday season, the major players, ... Continue »
  • Verizon Enterprise 5G Focus Unique Among Operators

    October 11, 2018—
    By Kathryn Weldon
    Verizon’s view of 5G as the growth engine of the future to revolutionize primary vertical industries by enabling ‘real time’ business processes is unique among operators. As only few 5G services have been launched and not many are expected to be launched until next year or the following year, the associated ... Continue »