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Buyers Guide Listing Features

Maintain year-long visibility in AGL’s online supplier marketplace. A company listing places your business in categories designed to help visitors select vendor partners. The AGL Buyer’s Guide is a resource for over 14,000 wireless infrastructure professionals seeking resources that support their needs.

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Buyers Guide Listing Features

Available Features:

Company Description

  • Company tagline
  • Extended company description
  • Keywords for SEO
  • Select areas of expertise by categories

Brand Graphics for Enhanced Profiles

  • Graphic Element (685 x 250 pixels – jpg, gif or png)
  • Company logo

Product Spotlight

  • Post company products or services (includes descriptions with graphics)


  • Post downloadable white papers, documents, and images


  • Live, real-time feed to your Youtube channel or online video library

Social Media

  • Direct connect to your organization’s social media feed with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more
  • Direct connect to your organization’s blog

Company Contacts

  • Company contact information with pictures

Website Preview

  • Your live site in your profile

Exclusive Sponsorships

  • Bring your brand to the forefront.

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