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ExteNet Systems Secures Neutral-host Network Deal for 18,500-seat AT&T Center

ExteNet Systems has reached an agreement with Spurs Sports & Entertainment to deliver 5G cellular communications in the AT&T Center arena, home of the San Antonio Spurs. Monnie McGaffigan, chief revenue officer at ExteNet Systems, said the state-of-the-art installation would bring fans an immersive experience throughout the arena for Spurs home games, in addition to more than 100 annual events.

Spurs Sports & Entertainment has awarded ExteNet Systems a long-term agreement to bring a 5G neutral-host network into the arena to serve the 18,000 fans who attend home games for the five-time NBA Champion San Antonio Spurs, the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo and concerts and entertainment events that fill the arena throughout the year, ExteNet Systems said.

“ExteNet has designed a secure, future-upgradable and ultra-fast 5G network that is fiber optic-based to ensure all mobile operators who join the network will be able to provide their customers the best experience,” said Rich Coyle, the company’s president and CEO.

Extenet Systems said it is the largest privately held provider of secure 5G and fiber neutral-host communications infrastructure in the United States, serving mobile network operators, real estate owners, enterprises, content providers, wholesale carriers, municipalities and rural internet providers.

“Our solutions operate in urban, suburban and rural markets, connecting customers to the applications and services they need outdoors and in hundreds of sports and entertainment venues, hotels, resorts, convention centers, commercial office buildings, college campuses, healthcare facilities and transit systems,” the company said.

Saroosh Ahmed Exits Sidecar for Chief Financial Officer Post at ExteNet Systems

ExteNet Systems, a company that owns secure 5G and fiber-fed neutral-host communications infrastructure, has hired Saroosh Ahmed as chief financial officer, the firm disclosed. In taking the ExteNet Systems post, Ahmed exits a similar position at Sidecar, a performance marketing provider for e-commerce, ExteNet Systems said. Ahmed was a principal in the December 2021 sale of Sidecar to Quartile, which ExteNet Systems said formed the world’s largest cross-channel e-commerce advertising platform.

ExteNet Systems cited Ahmed’s 20 years of leadership in corporate growth strategy, financial operations, capital management, and mergers and acquisitions in a statement about his hiring.

“Before joining Sidecar in 2019, Saroosh served as senior vice president of finance at Datapipe, a global provider of managed cloud solutions that was successfully acquired by Rackspace in 2017,” the statement reads. “Saroosh held senior finance and general management positions at Time Warner Cable and RCN, where he successfully led innovative new business unit growth efforts and drove improvements in financial and operational performance within those companies.”

Rich Coyle, president and CEO of ExteNet Systems, said that Ahmed would have a mandate to innovate and advance the company’s competitive level of play in business management, growth, transparency and value creation for customers and for the company.

Ahmed said that ExteNet Systems has a leadership team with experience in its markets, a portfolio of infrastructure assets and relationships, access to capital and a focus on growth and value creation.

“ExteNet Systems is the nation’s largest privately held provider of secure 5G and fiber neutral-host communications infrastructure solutions serving mobile network operators, real estate owners, enterprises, content providers, wholesale carriers, municipalities and rural internet providers,” the company statement reads. “Our solutions operate in urban, suburban and rural markets connecting customers to the applications and services they need outdoors and in hundreds of sports and entertainment venues, hotels, resorts, convention centers, commercial office buildings, college campuses, healthcare facilities and transit systems.”

ADRF Joins the Anterix Active Ecosystem Program

Advanced RF Technologies (ADRF), has joined the Anterix Active Ecosystem Program to help expand the landscape of 900 MHz LTE solutions and services for the U.S electric grid. ADRF will initially be collaborating with Anterix with its flagship ADXV DAS for in-building wireless connectivity.

Anterix is the largest holder of licensed spectrum in the 900 MHz band (896-901/935-940 MHz) throughout the contiguous United States, plus Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico, and is uniquely positioned to enable the private LTE solutions that support secure, resilient and customer-controlled operations.

The Anterix Active Ecosystem Program brings together technology innovators to support Anterix customers deploying and operating 900 MHz private LTE networks. Members will share technical insights and collaborate to support the utility sector with 900 MHz private LTE solutions.

ADRF’s ADXV DAS 900 MHz solution has been recognized by the Anterix Active Ecosystem Program with the Anterix Active badge – a recognition provided to devices and solutions reviewed by Anterix to be commercial-ready to support 900 MHz private networks.

 Source: ADRF

5G Upgrade Cycle Boosting Resurgence of In-Building Wireless

‘In-Building Wireless 2021’ report from Mobile Experts.

Mobile Experts, a company that tracks virtualization, open radio access network (RAN) revenue and operator capital expense spending, has found that the in-building wireless market reflects increasing use of small cells and that cellular connectivity is providing the motivation for in-building wireless system installations. The company provided market details in its “2021 In-Building Wireless Forecast.”

The company said that according to the report, the lingering effects of COVID-19 have seriously affected enterprise-driven in-building wireless projects such as office buildings and hospitality venues that sat empty for months. Supply chain disruptions brought added challenges to suppliers and system integrators, it said.

Kyung Mun, principal analyst at Mobile Experts.

“The in-building wireless (IBW) market is at an interesting juncture in its evolution,” said Kyung Mun, a principal analyst. “Despite several significant challenges from COVID-19, operators are making an effort to expand 5G network capacity through the mid-band spectrum — for example, C-band and 2.5 GHz — deployments in North America, which is the largest market for distributed antenna system (DAS) networks. On the brink of the 5G mid-band upgrade cycle, the market is shifting, and this report covers what aspects of the market will win and which aspects will lose in these fluctuations.”

Small cells are capturing a growing share of the overall IBW market, according to Mobile Experts, and the trend will continue despite a DAS resurgence over the next few years from the 5G mid-band upgrade cycle. Mobile Experts foresees the open and virtualized RAN architecture playing a bigger role in private 5G network features around the 2024 timeframe.

“The numbers tell us that in-building cellular connectivity is the dominant use case that drives in-building wireless investments,” Mun said. “We estimate 90 percent of today’s IBW equipment sales from repeaters to DAS and small cells comes from this use case, and public safety and private wireless applications are incrementally adding to the market growth.”

Boingo Expands Wireless Coverage at Petco Park



Boingo Wireless, a distributed antenna system (DAS), Wi-Fi and private network provider, has improved wireless connectivity at Petco Park, the company has disclosed. In support of digital transformation and operational continuity for the stadium and in collaboration with the San Diego Padres, Boingo said it has launched a private network to power mobile applications and make the fan experience more convenient. The 5G-ready network expands wireless coverage to Gallagher Square, a community gathering space inside Petco Park, and will be used by staff to process cash-free payments, contactless concessions and mobile ticketing, Boingo said.

Boingo CEO Mike Finley.

“Professional sports teams are prioritizing next generation connectivity to elevate gameday experiences and overcome operational hurdles,” said Boingo CEO Mike Finley. “Our private network solutions give stadiums like Petco Park seamless and secure wireless coverage to connect mobile operations and bring the fan experience into the 5G era.”

Stadiums and other large venues can make use of Boingo private networks to move operational traffic off public networks to connect more devices and reduce congestion, a statement from the company reads. Venues have direct control over the network’s wireless coverage, location, quality and security with dedicated bandwidth that is closed off from outside traffic, it said. According to Boingo, the networks offer rich data insights and are designed to facilitate health and safety protocols, touchless engagement, security operations and prepaid parking.

Boingo said its network at Petco Park uses Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum and operates alongside the stadium’s public network.

San Diego Padres CEO Erik Greupner.

“On gameday, the Padres have over 1,000 staffers running Petco Park,” said Padres CEO Erik Greupner. “To keep mobile operations running smoothly, we desired a standalone, closed network. Boingo checked every box. Their private network enables us to place cellular coverage exactly where we need it — in Gallagher Square — and cater to our mobile fanbase. This flexibility combined with data insights and security gives our organization a powerful wireless tool to deliver the great experience Padres fans expect.”

Configured for interoperability, unified management and easy installation, Boingo private networks can be implemented with 5G, LTE, CBRS and Wi-Fi 6 technologies and deployed alongside public neutral host DAS and Wi-Fi networks, the company said.

At Mobile World Congress Los Angeles 2021, Greupner and Finley will deliver a keynote on Petco Park’s private network launch and the effect of 5G technologies in sports and entertainment. Taking place on Oct. 27 at 10 a.m. Pacific time, the keynote will also feature Gillian Zucker, president of business operations for the L.A. Clippers. Registration is available at mwclosangeles.com.