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AGL April Virtual Summit

April 8, 2021 | 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM EDT

Don’t miss the April AGL Virtual Summit! Bringing you high-quality education from the safety and comfort of your home or office..

Date: April 8, 2021
Start Time: 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern



April 8, 2021
2:00 PM - 4:30 PM


AGL Media Group
(714) 504-1145


Fireside Chat Featuring FCC Commissioner Nathan Simington and WBK Law’s Bryan Tramont
The FCC is in a period of transition with the Biden Administration setting the priorities. Somethings will change. Congress has a renewed focus on closing the Digital Divide, which will be reflected at the commission. There may be a new approach to Net Neutrality. Somethings will stay the same. The pressure to make more spectrum available for 5G will continue. Plus, the desire to deregulate zoning and planning of small cell still percolates on Capitol Hill. This brings new opportunities for the wireless industry. Nathan Simington, himself a new FCC commissioner, will engage in a fireside chat to discuss these topics and more with Bryan Tramont, managing director, Wilkinson Barker Knauer.
Bryan Tramont,
Wilkinson Barker Knauer
Nathan Simington,
FCC Commissioner
Satellites Make Inroads into New Verticals
Looking for the next big thing? It might very well be orbiting above you, and it’s going to be small. Constellations of satellites are set to provide affordable broadband internet service to rural areas; real-time machine connectivity; and tracking of maritime, aviation, and weather patterns. The miniaturization of satellite technology and the privatization of launching capability have come together to revolutionize the orbital communications industry. Learn about applications and business models of tomorrow’s satellite industry. Find out what the impact will be on terrestrial networks.
Thomas Stroup,
Satellite Industry Association
Manik Vinnakota,
Adam Bennett,
Hawkeye 360
Maureen McLaughlin,
Tech to Watch with Aurora Insight

Aurora Insight

The tower industry has a new tool for growth at its fingertips. Learn about how Aurora Insight is applying new thinking to decade-old problems in the infrastructure industry with machine learning algorithms.
Jennifer Alvarez,
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Aurora Insight
Microtrends for Small Cells in 2021
Small cells are being rapidly deployed to fulfill the capacity needs of carriers. You already know that. But what about trends within the trend? In this session, you can take a look at the engineering, architecture, speed of deployment, regulation and backhaul. Learn the effect of the C-band auction on small cell deployment. Hear about the difference it makes whether new small cells are deployed with 4G of 5G technology, at mid-band or high-band frequencies, with single-carrier or multicarrier technology, using dark fiber or lit. Are they being deployed fast enough? Tune in to this panel and find out.
Jonathan Kramer,
Telecom Law Firm
Trey Nemeth,
Sonya Roshek,
B+T Group
Blake Bukacek,
5G MIMO Antennas Are Taking Off, but Is There Room on the Tower?
With the first wave of 5G already deployed across the nation, carriers are looking for an encore. MIMO antennas, which speed up mid-band deployments, offer superior performance, and reduce energy consumption, provide that boost needed by the carriers. These antennas have been called the “True Mobile 5G” network, because they can simultaneously deliver LTE and 5G New Radio (NR) service. Learn how these antennas change the game for RF engineers, comm-infra contractors, and tower companies and how new antennas are being designed to fit into today’s crowded towers.
Earl Lum,
EJL Research
Paul Challoner,
Marty Zimmerman,
Trent Snarr,
Network Building + Consulting


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C-Band Auctions and New Small Cell Formats Drive 5G Expansion

Small Cell Concealments Product Guide

Raycap Capabilities Infographic 2020

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B + T Group

Company Description: B+T Group has grown steadily and strategically since we began in 2000 – as a home-based consulting firm. B+T is a full-service wireless engineering, construction and technical services firm dedicated to building and maintaining the safest, most reliable wireless network infrastructure in the country. We exist to create and keep customers. Simple as that. So while we support customers with our engineering and field services expertise, our foundation is built on taking care of our customers. We deliver work without surprises or excuses, and we all pitch in to do what needs to be done.

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