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List or Advertise in the 2018 Buyers Guide

List and Advertise in the Industry Guide everyone is talking about.

But why?

Why should you use your precious time to List and Advertise in the AGL 2018 Buyers Guide? The answer is simple: it works.

1. Connection with ROI.

Thousands of industry professionals already subscribe to AGL Magazine. Why not meet them where they are and get the most bang for your buck?

2. Year-round promotion.

The Buyers Guide is available year-round on the AGL Website, as well as a selection of listings within each monthly publication of AGL Magazine.

3. Industry’s go-to place.

List alongside hundreds of other industry professionals in the Buyers Guide— the list recognized as the go-to place to find help for your next job.


Not to mention, 3 FREE LISTINGS.

Add your 3 FREE Company Listings to the 2018 Buyers Guide or go the extra mile with an Enhanced Listing for just $250 per category. Enhanced Listings include your company logo and statement.

Plus, FREE ENHANCED LISTINGS for Advertisers.

Receive bonus listings when you place your ad in the 2018 Buyers Guide:
Full Page Ad = 3 Enhanced Listings
Half Page Ad = 2 Enhanced Listings
1/4 Page Ad = 1 Enhanced Listing


Ad Reservation Deadline:

December 9, 2017



Artwork Deadline:

December 14, 2017


Deborah Plank
Western Region Sales Rep
[email protected]

Karen Clark
Eastern Region Sales Rep and Advertising Coordinator
[email protected]