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Vertically Polarized Antennas inside Poles

Antenna Products offers the Phazar brand of stacked, vertically polarized antennas, which can be installed inside of utility-grade fiberglass poles thatAntennaProductsCorpShowcase0415 (2) can be used as streetlights or flagpoles. The 2-inch-diameter omnidirectional antennas can be installed at the top of a pole, up to 54 feet high, for the best site performance. The pole is offered with custom designs and colors to match municipal requirements. The base of the pole can be expanded to include the RF equipment for a stealth site. As many as four omnis are offered within one antenna package covering 698 MHz to 896 MHz and 1710 MHz to 2155 MHz frequencies for LTE/MIMO performance in the 700-MHz and AWS bands. www.antennaproducts.com

DAS Antennas

Antenna Products’ Phazar antennas have been used on many street lights and utility poles for DAS applications. The 2-inch diameter AntennaProductsPHOTOfor1214Showcaseomnidirectional antennas are stacked vertically in single, dual, triple and quad configurations with a DIN 7/16 connector for each of the individual antennas. Combinations of 700 MHz 850 MHz (698 MHz to 896 MHz) and AWS/PCS (1710 MHz to 2155 MHz) antennas allow multiple carrier bands to be used in the same antenna. The Phazar Quad antenna provides two low-band and two high-band antennas for potential LTE performance.  www.antennaproducts.com