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Redline Communications, Morcom International Provide Wireless Connectivity to Arlington County, Virginia

Redline Communications Group and Morcom International have installed Redline’s 3GPP iLTE network in Arlington County, Virginia.

“This industrial-grade broadband wireless solution utilizes the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum and provides improved broadband access, increased network stability and reliability, and minimal latency for real-time applications,” a statement from Redline reads. Redline is in the business of providing industrial wireless broadband network connectivity for mission-critical applications, Morcom designs and implements broadband wireless infrastructure systems. The statement said that Redline and Morcom completed the project’s first phase in a third of the time it usually takes to execute and deploy such projects.

According to Redine, the initial goal of Arlington County was to offer remote connectivity to educators as they sought to provide broadband internet access for remote learning to teachers and students throughout the county’s school system during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Arlington County has been impressed by Redline’s and Morcom’s responsiveness and overall support of the county to date,” said Jack Belcher, Arlington County’s chief information officer. “The throughput capacity has been most evident in the speed with which they installed critical internet connections for educators — all under the CARES Act deadline.”

The CARES Act provides $31 billion in emergency funding to students, schools, institutions and states and gives states $13 billion to support school districts.

Arlington County has taken on operations and maintenance of the network itself minimizing the operating expense of the network, Redline disclosed. This step included the county acquiring its own private Redline FlexCore Evolved Packet Core (EPC) server via the infrastructure arrangement.

Reno Moccia, executive vice president of sales at Redline Communications Group (left), and Manuel Ojeda, founder and chief technology officer at Morcom International.

“The term, mission-critical, really begins in the classroom, whether it’s distance learning or on-site learning applications,” said Reno Moccia, Redline executive vice president of sales and marketing. “Redline is pleased to support Arlington County’s overall dedication to shared broadband wireless access and to connectivity, indoors or outdoors — and we look forward to our continued relationship.”

Manuel Ojeda, Morcom’s founder and chief technology officer, said that the COVID pandemic necessitated a great deal of agility in the design and implementation of this service.

Source: Redline Communications