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Hughes Network Systems, OneWeb Ink Deal

Hughes Network Systems and OneWeb have inked a capacity deal for its customers in two agreements – one with the United States, the other with India, according to a statement from Hughes. The U.S. distribution agreement  focuses on enterprise services, and the companies have reached a memorandum of understanding to distribute services in India to large enterprises, government, telcos and internet service providers in the rural and remote parts of the country, Hughes said.

Services will be offered in the United States by Hughes Network Systems and in India by Hughes Communications India Private. Hughes President Pradman Kaul said at a press event that the company’s joint venture with Bharti Airtel in India is expected to close later this year, according to a report published by Satellite Show Daily.

This action will combine Hughes Geostationary Orbit (GEO) satellites and network technologies with OneWeb’s satellites in low-Earth orbit (LEO). Satellite Show Daily said that the companies shared a demonstration on Sept. 9 of this multi-orbit connectivity. It showed Hughes ActiveTechnologies software transmitting different types of traffic, such as streaming and gaming, over the most efficient path, whether it be OneWeb or Jupiter HTS.

“The future of connectivity depends on a worldwide network of multiple transports, including terrestrial, geostationary and low-Earth orbit satellite services,” Kaul said in a prepared statement. “OneWeb’s system enhances the Hughes portfolio of networking capabilities, introducing a low-latency option with global reach that complements GEO satellite capacity density and capability to meet our customers’ needs.”


Hughes Demos Wireless LTE Transmissions Over Satellite Backhaul

Hughes Network Systems and Lemko have successfully demonstrated wireless 4G/LTE transmissions over satellite backhaul. The wireless transmissions were conducted at download speeds of greater than 10 Mbps and upload speeds of 786 kbps, including video phone calls.

A combination of a Hughes satellite modem with Jupiter high-throughput technology and Lemko’s distributed mobility wireless network (DiMoWiNe) were used in the demonstration. The DiMoWiNe solution virtualizes the core, and all the switching and routing is moved to the network’s edge, which reduces latency and jitter.

“The growing need for the dissemination of real-time video to our warfighters requires the combination of wireless 4G/LTE and high-throughput satellite backhaul. The unique combination of these technologies eliminates the latency issues that can disrupt LTE traffic backhauled over conventional satellite links,” said Rick Lober, vice president and general manager of the Hughes Defense and Intelligence Systems Division, in a company release.

Deploying wireless 4G/LTE systems using a satellite backbone enables important applications for mobile broadband in tactical communications for both military and public safety markets.

In a company statement, Chris White, executive vice president at Lemko, said, “DiMoWiNe is a key innovation breakthrough needed to bring mobile 4G LTE networks to warfighters and public safety officers. LTE over satellite completes the 4G ecosystem. Because of the need to have interoperability across networks and devices, remote and rapid deployment applications can leverage the massive worldwide ecosystem for hardware and applications.”

Operating over Echostar XVII, Hughes Jupiter high-throughput technology employs an advanced multi-spot beam and bent-pipe architecture, and will provide well over 100 Gbps capacity in North America.