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ZenFi Networks Brings Multitenant, Multiservice Siting Product to New York


ZenFi Networks said that its Link5G multitenant, multiservice siting product is designed to bridge the digital divide and accelerate the pace of 5G wireless communications deployments in New York City. It said that Link5G is technology- and tenant-agnostic.

“Link5G is the solution for wireless networks across New York City,” ZenFi Networks said.

The company said it designed Link 5G in collaboration with CityBridge, Comptek and Antenna Designs to address the need for more wireless connectivity.

“The assignment was to design a multitenant, multitechnology structure that could integrate into the streetscape of New York without sacrificing technology,” Zenfi Networks said. “The resulting structure enables ultra-fast wireless services from multiple providers.”

ZenFi Networks said the structure includes five independent, RF-optimized bays to house antennas and integrated radios. Each bay can be accessed independently, and each section uses frequency-specific shrouding to minimize losses, the company said. It said the structure has multiple radiation centers centers for optimal technology specific siting, including, but not limited to, 5G mmWave, Wi-Fi, C-Band and other licensed and unlicensed spectrum.

The structure has four in-pole equipment bays to house radios. Its connection with ZenFi Network’s digital infrastructure includes dark fiber, Ethernet and network edge colocation facilities, the company said. The structure’s power capacity and cooling equipment support current and future radio needs, according to Zenfi Networks.

ZenFi Networks said it offers built-to-suit greenfield and collocation opportunities across the LinkNYC footprint. In addition to small cell siting, ZenFi Networks said it offers offload and roaming across its footprint for carriers looking to expand capacity and coverage in the New York metro market.