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BEC Technologies Expands Portfolio With Multi-Service Modular Router

BEC Technologies, a developer and manufacturer of 4G LTE and 5G wireless broadband network connectivity solutions, has added to its MXConnect series the model MX-600 multi-service modular router. Model MX-600 incorporates data communications and network diversity from a flexible platform enabling support for an array of uses and applications, according to the company.

“The MX-600 integrates multi-core processing power and flexible architecture to extend connectivity for any network,” a statement from the company reads. “In addition, the platform offers multiple deployment options with intelligent WAN path selection and built-in redundancy across Dual Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, Wi-Fi as WAN and mobile cellular connection. This flexibility enables support for varied services such as residential wired Gigabit internet, distributed enterprise, and wireless wan for primary, backup or private network connectivity.”

The modular design allows for instant cellular expansion via the MX-100 series industrial USB modems, BEC Technologies said. It said that each modem includes dual-SIM with auto carrier selection, active GPS for location-based services and future technology evolution. In addition, the company said, users can select scalable throughput options of LTE CAT 6, CAT 12, CAT 18 and 5G sub-6 gigahertz supporting a variety of services and applications across Tier 1 licensed commercial networks, CBRS shared spectrum, 2.5 GHz EBS/BRS networks and private LTE or 5G.

According to the company, model MX-600 integrates seamlessly with BECentral, BEC’s cloud-based remote management platform for managing large-scale UE deployments. Administrators can view multiple visual dashboards with real-time analytics intelligence, detailed reporting and performance monitoring with complete lifecycle management, the company said.

D’Andre Ladson, BEC Technologies’ vice president of marketing

“Being flexible and fast is considered a competitive business advantage,” said D’Andre Ladson, BEC Technologies’ vice president of marketing. “Why should your choice of network connectivity platform be any different? The MX-600 delivers multiple connections and deployment options, and performance that grows as your network evolves.”