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Therese O’Brien Receives Chairman’s Coin Award at NATE Unite

Tessco Technologies

Therese O’Brien receives the Chairman’s Coin Award from former NATE Chairman Jim Tracy. Photo by Don Bishop

At the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) convention, NATE Unite, Therese O’Brien received the membership organization’s Chairman’s Coin recognizing her contributions to the wireless industry and NATE. O’Brien, a national account executive with Tessco Technologies, received the award at a luncheon on Feb. 6. Each year, the chairman of the NATE board of directors selects individuals who have shown excellent dedication and service to the mission of NATE and to encourage continued involvement.

“We are extremely pleased to see Therese recognized by NATE for her tireless work on behalf the organization and the industry,” said Charles Kriete, Tessco senior vice president of commercial sales, product marketing and supply chain. “It’s a testament to her dedication beyond Tessco, to the wireless industry as a whole, and we couldn’t be prouder to have her as a part of the Tessco team.”

Former NATE Chairman Jim Tracy, who presented the award to O’Brien, said: “Therese is always there, always working, never stopping. She is a wonderful Tessco example of service above self.”

O’Brien’s involvement with NATE spans the organization’s entire history, as she attended the first-ever NATE Conference and Expo. She served on the NATE Trade Show Committee for 13 years and serves on the NATE Member Services Committee, along with her role as the Atlantic Coast regional ambassador for the NATE Wireless Industry Network and as a member of Women of NATE.

NATE Commemoration Declares May 8, 2019 Tower Technician Appreciation Day

NATE unveiled a commemoration declaring Wednesday, May 8, 2019 as Tower Technician Appreciation Day. It is the third consecutive year that a day has been set aside by NATE to coincide with OSHA’s National Safety Stand-Down Week in order to pay tribute to the important work that tower technicians conduct on a daily basis to enable a mobile society.

“NATE is excited to declare Wednesday, May 8, 2019 as Tower Technician Appreciation Day in order to honor the men and women who make mobility possible by connecting American citizens, businesses and industries,” said NATE Chairman Jimmy Miller from Gulfport, Mississippi. “Today’s technicians are the industry’s most precious resource and possess diverse skill-sets that enable them to work at elevation on macro towers and conduct small cell installations on utility poles, street lights, street furniture and other structures in urban areas and right-of-way locations,” added Miller, who recently accompanied a delegation of tower technicians to a White House event hosted by President Donald Trump and FCC Chairman Ajit Pai.

NATE encourages member companies and industry stakeholders to use Wednesday, May 8 as a day of commemoration to host events within their respective organizations to pay tribute to the technicians they employ. To download and print the official Tower Technician Appreciation Day Proclamation, visit HERE.

NATE Debuts #ClimberConnection Video on Industry Step-Bolt Testing Results

Video Highlights Key Findings on Step-Bolts Designed to Enhance the Safety of Tower Technicians Working at Heights

NATE has released a video that was produced as a result of several prominent industry step-bolt testing events that were conducted at the University of Dayton Resarch Institute (UDRI) in Dayton, Ohio. The #ClimberConnection  video, entitled “To Tie-Off or Not to Tie-Off,” contains important safety information that the industry’s tower technician workforce needs to know before working on tower structures installed with step-bolts. The informative video was unveiled at the 2019 Wireless West Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The video shows jaw-dropping footage of the static and dynamic drop tests that were  performed at the UDRI facility in order to test the strength of step-bolts. The video reinforces the key findings of the testing that 5/8” step bolts, while suitable for climbing, DO NOT have the capacity to be used as an anchorage for any type of personal fall arrest systems.

“The information contained in this video should be utilized by every company and worker in the industry as a training tool as it contains important step-bolt related information derived from our testing ,” said NATE Board of Directors member John Paul Jones, who helped spearhead  the testing activities. “I would like to thank all of the manufacturers, tower owner/vertical realtor firms, contractor companies and technicians who collaborated together on these testing initiatives. The results obtained from the testing will ultimately help create a safer environment for the men and women working at elevation on monopole towers,” Jones added.

Click HERE to watch the Step-Bolt Testing Video. NATE encourages tower technicians and industry stakeholders to actively participate in this campaign by posting the video on their respective social networking platforms using the hashtag #ClimberConnection. NATE also encourages industry workers to share their comments on the video through social interaction on the Association’s Facebookand Twitter pages.

The Climber Connection Volume 4 campaign was developed by the NATE Member Services Committee in conjunction with the NATE Safety & Education Committee and is designed to provide specific resources and communicate the Association’s message directly to the industry’s workforce.

Visit HERE to watch the Tower Family Foundation and NATE UNITE 2019 Recap videos that were previously released as part of the Volume 4 edition of the Climber Connection Video Series.

For more information on NATE, visit www.natehome.com today.

NATE Webinar: Preventing, Managing Workplace Violence, Active Shooter Response

On Thursday, April 25 at 10:00 a.m. CDT, Mark A. Lies II, Labor and Employment Attorney and Partner with Seyfarth Shaw will conduct a live NATE webinar entitled Preventing and Managing Workplace Violence and Active Shooter Response.

This webinar will provide an overview of:

· Employer’s obligation to have a workplace violence prevention policy under Federal
and State Law;
· How to develop a written workplace violence and active shooter policy;
· How to conduct a threat assessment for potential violence;
· How to conduct discipline and terminations to avoid workplace violence;
· Requirements for an active shooter training policy and associated liabilities or
negligent training; and
· Methods to conduct active shooter training.

To register, please go to:


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

2019 NATE Member D.C. Congressional Fly-In

The National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) today announced the key details associated with the inaugural NATE Member Congressional Fly-In Event in Washington, D.C. on May 14-15, 2019. The NATE Member Congressional Fly-In will be a time for representatives from NATE member companies across the country to converge in the Nation’s Capital. to conduct meetings with the congressional delegations and staff representing all of their respective states.

The Association will assist all participating NATE members with lining up their meetings with their designated state congressional delegations and staff. Additionally, all participating NATE members will receive an official copy of the NATE-branded 116th Congressional Directory and will be thoroughly briefed with a NATE Legislative and Regulatory Priorities Briefing Paper. All of the Association’s congressional policy priorities are bi-partisan in nature.

“With over 855 member companies nationwide, NATE is excited to flex our grassroots muscle by hosting our organization’s first official member fly-in event in D.C. this spring,” said Executive Director Todd Schlekeway. “All politics is local and the fly-in event serves as a call to action for representatives from all NATE member companies to participate. Due to the extensive footprint of our membership, our companies can have a tremendous impact on their respective congressional delegations by virtue of where they are from and the prominent role their companies are playing in our vibrant industry,” added Schlekeway.

The NATE Member Congressional Fly-In will also be an opportunity to network with associates from many of the other wireless, broadcast and utility industry organizations that the Association collaborates with. NATE will be hosting several fun networking events in conjunction with the fly-in. All of these networking events are free to attend for NATE member fly-in participants.

Additional information pertaining to the NATE Member Congressional Fly-In Event agenda and hotel information are included below for members to reference. To participate in the NATE Member Congressional Fly-In Event, please RSVP to [email protected] today!