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New Head Strengthens Zinwave in U.S.

By J. Sharpe Smith

January 22, 2016 — In a bid to increase its North American presence, Zinwave, a global in-building wireless OEM, has hired former Goodman Networks exec Scott Willis as CEO. Willis, based in Dallas, who has more than 30 years of executive experience with both carriers and OEMs, replaced Ian Sugarbroad, who resides in the United Kingdom and remains vice chairman of the board.

Willis is just one of several recent hires at Zinwave as it strengthens its commercial and technical teams globally and opens larger facilities in San Jose, California. The ramp up is meant to exploit new opportunities in the U.S. enterprise in-building wireless market, according to Willis.

“It is an investment and recognition of the need to strengthen the organization and of where the growth is going to come from in the DAS market,” Willis said. “With the significant growth being led by North America, you are going to see a greater investment and focus within this market segment to grow Zinwave and take advantage of the market opportunity.”

Zinwave’s wideband DAS supports wireless and IP services between 150 MHz-2700 MHz on a one-layer infrastructure, regardless of protocol or modulation scheme. Additionally, it supports multiple FDD and TDD LTE services simultaneously.

The dilemma that Zinwave faces is leveraging what it perceives to be a technical advantage from a sales and marketing perspective. The traditional go-to market strategy into carriers is simple and inexpensive, requiring only a small direct sales team. Today, with the shift of DAS to the enterprise market, the complexity of sales and marketing is far greater.

“From a vendor perspective, it is figuring out how to reach that enterprise in a very different way than you have organized yourself before,” Willis said. “If you look at my background, those are strengths that I will bring to the role as we look at creating multiple channels into the enterprise market.”

Zinwave targets enterprise verticals, such as education, healthcare, hospitality and industrial, which are “high value, high reward and high opportunity for success,” Willis said. While the OEM still depends on a direct sales force to market to carriers and enterprises, it is developing a value-added reseller (VAR) channel to increase its reach into enterprises.

“If you look at who has the relationships with that enterprise segment, it is a lot of the VARs that are smaller and well positioned in the community,” Willis said. “We will find the best resellers that are positioned to deploy our equipment. We will put long-term procedures in place where we can penetrate and drive our solution through those VARs.”