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Drones to Revolutionize Tower Inspections

By Ernest Worthman

Executive Editor
Small Cell Magazine



DALLAS — May 27, 2016 — One of the newest additions to maintaining wireless infrastructure has been the utilization of drone technology, which was on full view on the show floor at this year’s Wireless Infrastructure Show. This is one of the more exciting vectors for the use of drones. They are being deployed in a variety of applications to examine the wireless structure infrastructure. Drones now make it possible to examine all types if wireless installations, both in and out of building.

The amount and diversity of data that a drone can provide is orders of magnitude higher than what has been possible with manual inspection – and at greatly reduced cost to site owners. The data collected by drones is truly a tool that will change the inspection landscape.

Companies, such as Talon Aerolytics, have developed remarkable solutions that can capture extremely high-resolution 3D images and video that can spot anomalies, wildlife, environmental effects and many other problems, issues, or anomalies that have the potential to compromise the site and the environment around it. This data can be geo-referenced with date, location and time stamps to precisely pinpoint the occurrences. One of the most valuable assets of drone technology is that the data that drones can capture and store can have a remarkable effect on the capex and opex, as well as to reduce the risk to life and limb of the otherwise physical inspections that are part of site analysis and maintenance.

Expect to see drones become a common sight around a variety of communications infrastructures.