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Innovations Highlight IBM’s Role in 5G, Edge Computing

By Don Bishop

Innovations from IBM highlight the company’s role in helping the telecommunications industry evolve as 5G wireless communications and edge computing redefine how business and consumers connect. IBM is collaborating with Boston Dynamics, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks and Turnium Technology Group to help equip businesses in next phase of digital transformation. IBM’s artificial intelligence-powered automation software, including Cloud Pak for Network Automation and services from IBM Consulting support industry innovation and 5G adoption, according to information provided by the company.

“IBM continues to make major strides in helping communications service providers adopt artificial intelligence and automation on open hybrid cloud platforms, as well as standards to remain in control of where and how they deploy their network services, edge computing and enterprise offerings,” a statement from IBM reads.

The company said that its artificial intelligence-powered automation software and its consulting services would support innovation for communications service providers through its systems integration capabilities and the application of technology to create workflows that are ever more intelligent and would support modernizing applications so enterprises can handle volumes large enough in a world of hybrid cloud environments.

In a new collaboration with Boston Dynamics, IBM is focused on delivering data analysis at the edge to help companies address worker safety, optimize field operations and boost maintenance productivity in industrial environments such as manufacturing facilities, power plants and warehouses, the company said. It said that, enabled by artificial intelligence and hybrid cloud innovations from IBM Research, IBM Consulting will develop edge payloads that integrate with Spot, the agile, mobile robot from Boston Dynamics.

In addition, Cisco and IBM will integrate Cloud Pak for Network Automation and Cisco Crosswork Network Automation software to enable orchestration and management of virtual 5G networks, IBM said.

Palo Alto Networks and IBM are extending their relationship to help address unique security requirements for telecom operators deploying 5G networks and edge services, IBM said.

“The companies are working to deliver joint security solutions and services designed for 5G networks and ecosystems,” the IBM statement reads. “The collaboration provides automation and orchestration to help create secure 5G network slices that are designed to enable new revenue streams for network operators. Using Palo Alto Networks containerized next-generation firewall (CN-Series), container security solution Prisma Cloud Compute Edition, IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation and IBM Security Services, the joint solution is being designed to enable agility and optimal threat detection based on deep visibility of 5G traffic.”

Andrew Coward, general manager of software-defined networking at IBM.

Meanwhile, according to IBM, Turnium Technology Group has committed to bring Technology Assurance Group’s network of managed technology service providers to IBM Cloud for Telecommunications. The collaboration between Turnium and IBM helps Technology Assurance Group extend the reach of its managed technology solutions and partner network to new customers across the United States, IBM said.

“A study from the IBM Institute for Business Value on ‘‘The End of Communications Services as We Know Them’ revealed that 59 percent of high-performing communications service providers surveyed agree they must become secure clouds infused with artificial intelligence and automation,” said Andrew Coward, general manager of software-defined networking at IBM. “The study also says that communications service providers are thinking more strategically about 5G-enabled edge computing more for its ability to building more revenue as 5G and edge computing usher in a new reality for businesses. We are continuing to help communications service providers embrace secured technologies like automation, artificial intelligence and hybrid cloud, and we believe IBM is uniquely positioned to provide the software and consulting needed to evolve their digital architecture.”


Don Bishop is executive editor and associate publisher of AGL Magazine.