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Commissioner Brendan Carr Holds Official Meeting with Taiwan Communications Regulators

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr held an official, virtual meeting with Commissioner Yeali S. Sun of the Republic of China’s (Taiwan’s) National Communications Commission (NCC) and Jeff Y. J. Liu, director-general of the Department of Archives, Information Management and Telecommunications, for Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The meeting took place on Jan. 12. Their discussion covered the two countries’ approaches to 5G wireless communications and network security threats, as well as Carr’s view that international telecom bodies should officially recognize Taiwan’s leading regulatory work, according to a statement from Carr’s office.

“I greatly appreciated the warm dialogue and opportunity to hold an official, virtual meeting with my regulatory counterparts in Taiwan,” Carr said. “As two vibrant democracies, our countries are vital economic and national security partners. We also share a core set of values that inform our regulatory approaches to everything from next-gen networks to network security. Perhaps the best example of this is our mutual commitment to advancing robust, secure, and trustworthy 5G networks that will help grow our economies.”

Carr said that he enjoyed learning from Commissioner Sun about the steps she and her colleagues are taking to accelerate country-wide 5G networks while promoting competition among trusted companies across the 5G ecosystem.

“It is clear to me that international telecom governing bodies would benefit greatly from Taiwan’s regulatory expertise and officially recognizing the country within their organizations, particularly as global standards-setting processes confront the sophisticated security threats that software-based networks now present, an issue where Taiwan has developed world-class expertise,” Carr said. “Unfortunately, too many organizations have capitulated to Beijing’s demands that they exclude Taiwan from their official work. This not only deprives those bodies of Taiwan’s expertise, but weakens our ability to address the network and cybersecurity threats that free countries face today.”

The FCC commissioner said he looks forward to continuing conversations with NCC leaders, including Commissioner Sun, and to further deepening the important relationships he mentioned.